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1: Spring Mountain Community Center, Fairview, NC, needs your help

A company has purchased land on New Lite Road, and the deed to their property contains an easement for a second driveway from Old Fort Road to their property. The easement starts next to our exit drive, goes through the picnic pavilion and the playground, and then across Cane Creek at the big conifer tree. This driveway location will completely destroy both the walking track and playground as well as severely impacting the picnic pavilion since all will be cut in half by the proposed driveway. Even if they could be reconstructed after the driveway is in place, Spring Mountain Community Center does not have the funds for this. Construction of this driveway would completely destroy the Spring Mountain Community Center Park.

What we need from you is your support in telling the people who want this additional driveway that destroying Spring Mountain Community Center Park would be a tragic and unacceptable loss to this community. They need to understand that many people use the walking track every day for exercise, and children of all ages use the playground and basketball court. The picnic pavilion provides a place for many types of outdoor gatherings. They need to know that we do not want this driveway built or that we want it in a different location that would leave the park intact. Please sign our petition, which will be presented to the landowners soon.

Spring Mt Community Center

Contact: Ruth Atkins, president SMCC

End Date: June 30, 2020



To whom it may concern: We have signed our names to this letter requesting that you reconsider your plans to build a second driveway to your property through Spring Mountain Community Center Park. This is the only park in our area and provides us with a walking track for daily exercise, a picnic area for many of our outdoor activities and a playground for our children. Destroying all of this would be a tragic and unacceptable loss to our community. We are asking you to reconsider your need for this extra driveway or find a different location for it that would leave the park intact.

Current Count: 871

Closed; thank you for your partcipation.

"Thank you, neighbors in Spring Mountain, Fairview, and beyond! Our petition was signed by 861 folks who would be very upset to see the Spring Mountain Community Center park destroyed. Also, thank you to those who called with many helpful insights and suggestions. We hope to be presenting the petition to the people in question very soon."